"Crazy biker races tube train!" -Daily Record, 29 July 2006

You are on the Glasgow underground (subway), travelling clockwise. The journey time between Buchanan St. and St. Enoch is approximately 55 seconds. On the surface it's downhill journey, down the busiest shopping street in Glasgow with 2 road crossings.

Challenge: Can you get off the train at Buchanan St. and back on the same train the next time it stops at St. Enoch?

I think you'd better watch the video.


The Subway Challenge

Sam T originally proposed the challenge on the Glasgow Uni Sailing Club Guestbook back in 2005. Now, we at Team Teacake know a stupid idea when we see one, so we immediately agreed...

The video was made using highly sophisticated Windows Movie Maker technology in the weeks after the event, shown to a few friends, put on a website and forgotten about. Then, a few months later during the height of exam season, Col was recognised outside the library. A quick check revealed 3,000 hits and the beginning of an internet phenomenon.

Since then, we've recorded well over 100,000 hits, featured on Channel 4 and Clyde 1 radio, been FHM's video of the month, featured in the Glasgow Herald, Scotsman, and Daily Record, sprung up on YouTube (twice), Yahoo and google video, digg.com, and blogs all over the place.

And yes, he really did do it!