TeaRoom Challenge 2007 Rules

1.      Event Description
The TeaRoom Challenge is an adventure race in which teams of two, travel between checkpoints by mountain bike. Any route may be taken to get to these checkpoints, however photo points should try to be passed on the way.

2.      Definitions

2.1.   Individuals taking part in the TRC are defined as, “anyone brave or stupid enough to take on The TeaRoom Challenge” and shall be known as “Competitors”, “Racers” or “TeaMates”.

2.2.   TeaRoom Challenge shall be written as TRC

3.      Checkpoints

3.1.   Upon entering a checkpoint, races must ask a waiter or waitress for, "Tea for two and a slice of cake each, PLEASE". Please is very important here. It costs nothing to be nice.

3.2.   A photograph must be taken in each checkpoint. This should include: each competitor, two cups of tea and two slices of cake. Interesting poses may score higher.

3.2.1.      A challenge may have to be completed at each checkpoint. These shall be announced prior to the race start. Competitors must bring the results for each challenge to the finish; otherwise that checkpoint shall be void for the team concerned.

3.3.   You may only walk into checkpoints. Running is dangerous and you shall be disqualified if found to be cycling into them.

4.      Tea and Cake

4.1.   Cake selection is entirely up to competitors. Moist cakes are preferable due to their “slip down easy” properties; however, may prove difficult in the event of a hilly course or unsteady stomach.

4.2.   When drinking from teacups, competitors must have pinkies clearly raised. Pinkie slouching shall be severely penalised.

4.3.   Gloves and helmet may not be worn during tea drinking. It’s just plain ignorant.

4.4.   Cream and jam should be liberally applied where available.

4.5.   Sugar and milk may be added to tea, however there is a trade off between enough milk to cool the tea to drinking temperature and so much milk you need to pee at every checkpoint. Sugar may be supplemented with PSP22 for the hardcore racer.

4.6.   The whole pot of tea must be consumed. No leaving the dregs.

5.      Mandatory TEAm Equipment – to be carried at all times

5.1.   Two mountain bikes [these may be left outside each checkpoint]. You may choose to secure them, but this will cost time. Bike helmets, food and drink must be carried.

5.2.    Sense of humour

5.3.   Compass

5.4.   Pen

5.5.   Map [OS explorer OL7]

5.6.   Bike Tool Kit

5.7.    First Aid kit

5.8.   Digital camera [Phone camera will do as long as image is reasonable].

5.9.   Mobile Phone

5.10.                    TRC identification [To be collected on the day] – gets you free tea and cake!

6.      Recommended TEAm Kit

6.1.   Spare digital camera (or camera phone) – you never know!

6.2.   Waterproof clothes

6.3.   Towel

7.      Bonus Points:

7.1.   Photo Points

These will be given in the instructions and are positioned along off-road mountain bike trails. In order to prove you have visited a photo point, you must:

7.1.1.      Complete the challenge at that point [if there is one]

7.1.2.      Take a photo of a TEAmate striking a pose with the relevant landmark in view.

7.2.   TeaCake Challenge
Every racer will be issued with a Tunnock’s TeaCake before the race. Racers will be asked to complete a challenge using this. The team with the most points will gain the TeaCake points for this challenge as follows:
First: fifty points,
Second: thirty points,
Third: twenty points

This shall be at the discretion of the TeaCake umpire on the day. More information will be given at the race briefing.

8.      Scoring
The team who finishes with the most points shall be declared the winner. TeaCake Challenge points will be added if applicable. In the event of two teams having the same points, the team who return in the shortest time shall rank above the other.

9.      Penalties
9.1.   Within the first twenty minutes after the finish, a team who is late shall lose ten points per minute.
9.2.   Twenty minutes after the finish, a team who is late shall lose fifty points per minute.
9.3.   If a team is more than thirty minutes late, they shall lose all of their points. [and valuable partying time]

10. Serious Stuff
10.1.                    Don’t cheat. Cheats will be ridiculously penalised.
10.2.                    You may only use the modes of transport mentioned in these rules.
10.3.                    DON’T drop litter or spoil the countryside. Leave EVERYTHING exactly as you found it.


Go for it!!